The imprisonment, slavery, torture and murder of other animals occurs on a colossal scale in the name of greed and those that oppose it are currently in the overwhelming minority. Only by spreading the concepts of empathy, love and truth can we help others understand that we must make a change for our health, our planet and those that share it with us.

10% of all online profits are donated to animal welfare charities.

In 1995, Wendy Valentine formed Hillside Animal Sanctuary after witnessing the plight battery hens and has since helped and campaigned for animals in need, particularly those who are so routinely abused in the intensive factory farming industry.

Solely financed from funds donated by the public, Hillside Animal Sanctuary’s supporters help contribute to the feeding and caring of its rescued animals.

A mother and her new born at Hillside Animal Sanctuary
A mother and her new born at Hillside Animal Sanctuary

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  1. I just saw your anticarnist.com stickers via Powsimian on YouTube. I’ve spent five seconds looking for them and just wanted to let you know that I really want one. I’ll keep looking and then perhaps bother you again! X

  2. Send your address to [email protected] and I’ll post you some to you. No charge.

  3. Six months later and we have a shop: http://www.anticarnist.com/

  4. “The Friendly Activist” YouTube channel brought me here.

  5. I love your work and the message they represent. Vegan for the animals and the planet.

  6. I Love the message and the Artwork. I will be buying these shirts for everyone I know. Job well done.

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