'No Humane Way' Poster
'No Humane Way' Poster
'No Humane Way' Poster

'No Humane Way' Poster

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    • Based on photography taken by Anticarnist, Nikki Maddocks and Joanna Farr as part of The Save Movement
    • 10% of profits go to The Retreat Animal Rescue
    • Original art by Anticarnist 
    • Printed on glossy paper 297mm x 420mm (A3 size) 
    • Frame not included 

Inspired by The Save Movement's effectiveness in helping people see there's no humane way to kill someone who doesn't want to die, real photos were drawn from to show the very real victims of this unnecessary slaughter.

Nikki Maddocks was with Manchester Pig Save when he photographed the curious and playful pigs in the top panel on 28th March 2017. "They was trying to get out as far as possible to get affection" Nikki said. Minutes later the pigs were dead.

The second panel is from one of my own photographs at Suffolk Animal Save on 10th July 2017 with Joey Carbstrong and James Aspey. At only 42 days old these birds were still making baby chick sounds. The smell of ammonia from the truck was suffocating. On the next truck, dead and dying chickens were found wedged under the crates, presumably for their entire journey. As police supervised us, we were told it was against the law for us to help them.

The cow in the third panel is from a video filmed by Joanna Farr at the first ever Lincolnshire Animal Save on 30th September 2016. "This slaughterhouse" Joanna said, "is one of the highest welfare in the country. They have gone to a lot of effort to make they process as 'humane' as possible, but it doesn't mean anything when they still go in petrified and wanting to live."