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'Anticarnist Festival' Women's Organic Black Vegan Tank
'Anticarnist Festival' Women's Organic Black Vegan Tank
'Anticarnist Festival' Women's Organic Black Vegan Tank

'Anticarnist Festival' Women's Organic Black Vegan Tank

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    • Soft, quality made Earth Positive black women's tank 
    • Climate neutral
    • Flattering, flowing fit that isn't too tight or loose.
    • Lovingly screen printed on the front and back by hand with vegan inks.
    • Made from 100% combed organic cotton
    • Proudly part of the Fair Wear Foundation
    • No use of forced or child labour
    • Suitable for vegans
    • 10% of profits go to The Retreat Animal Rescue
    • Artwork by James Alexander



I couldn't have come up with all these parody vegan band names on my own, so here's a list of those responsible from all over Facebook, Instagram and Reddit who chipped in with ideas! Thanks guys! :

Hummus Priest - Elsie McFossil

Tofu Fighters - Paul Eisenhut

Oatep - Rhian Davies

Nirbanana / Militant Street Preachers - Clive Williams

Nine Inch Kales - Paul Eisenhut

Hemp Bizkit - Nicola Murphy

Enter Shiitake / Gojira Berries - Yetti Biskit

Meatless Loaf - Bryce Cuniff

Nooch Found Glory - Lucy Holland

Killswitch Disengage - Neil Sharma

RamensteinYetti Biskit /  Francesca Louise

Soy Division - Ellie-Rose Anderson

Raging Sweetcorn / Nutribullet for my Valentine / Gwarcamole - Lucy Burton

Papa Nooch - Tom Phaezek Small

Alien Plant Farm / Flogging Guacamolly - Tom Phaezek Small

Sage Against The Machine - Tina Smith

Greens of the Stone Age - Grace Drummond

Five finger fruit punch / Vegadeth - Alex Weaver

Alice in Grains / Starch Enemy - Fred Faron

Vegadeth - Alex Weaver

Pastadon - Violet Bloom

My Cauliflower Romance - Ken Jane

Parkway Chive - Matthew James Hutcherson

Unleash The Animals / The Offspringrolls / Caneshuggah - Chris Murphy

Slaughterhouse Silence - Reg Thomas

Church Of Seitan - Kirk Bitar

Uncage The Elephant - Marc Garcia

Pan!c At The Dairy Aisle - Berghaus Mera Peak

Carbocide / Children of The Quorn - Disco Nouvo

Tenacious Vitamin D - Katy Bobby

ToFu Manchu - Kellie Ashworth

Salads of Mercy - frau_panzel

Mercyful Plate - justdontgeddit

Cradle of fruit / Black Salad - Men-Are-Human

Theory of a Dead Ram - kenta-_-

Thy Meat is Murder / Beyond Predation - gamergal666

Any Vegan Day / Veganescence / Fear Factory Farming / Veganed Sevenfold - Gwen Knopperts

Encaged / Fleshless FeastJessica Sadler

The LiberatorsMichael Menzel 

Moshed Potatoes / HerbivirusStephanie Marie Morgan

The Abolitionist / Banish The SlaughterAlexandre Julio

Death by HummusPam Donato

Tempeh TantrumCornelia Perkins

PlanteraEd Thompson

Seitanic / KalestormMzMela


Cruciferous Ritualroberts1243

Sentient Suffering / Vengeful Vealkahleesky

Prophets of Sage / Blood Oranges / Killer QuinoaTriggerHippie0202

Saladist / Vedgelord - Vedgelord

 Almond Amaranth (and logo design) - Ralph Mousel