Bite Size Vegan Tours England

Emily Moran Barwick is an animal-liberation activist, international speaker, artist, writer, and the creator of the YouTube channel and accompanying website Bite Size Vegan, where she provides free, educational videos and resources about veganism – backed by rigorous research.

She hopes to provoke an honest examination of our justifications for what we do to animals, beyond the surface of “that’s the way it’s always been.” And to engender the realisation that veganism—far from an extreme lifestyle—is simply living life in line with the values we already purport to have.

From thoroughly researched academic reports, to engaging videos for kids, to moving mini-documentary style videos, Emily provides a wide range of educational approaches for diverse learning styles.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing Emily talk in Norwich and it was a moving experience. She was given a heart-felt introduction by local celebrity Hench Herbivore and the audience included YouTubers Banana Warrior Princess, The Vegan Activist and Vegan Revolution to name a few. During the Q&As and chats with her afterwards there was an out-pouring of appreciation from fans who found her videos extremely helpful upon first transitioning to veganism. A few members of the Norwich Vegans also chalked out her logo at the entrance of the venue (photo above).

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