Supporting Animal Rescues

Anticarnist Cycles Britain
On 7th September 2024, Anticarnist founder Carina Campbell-Gedge will be cycling 980 miles From Land's End in the South of England all the way to the most northern point of Scotland, John O'Groats in just nine days to raise funds for Coppershell Animal Rescue. To follow her training progress and to donate, please visit the following link:

Annual Donation History
Throughout the years Anticarnist has donated 10% of its profits to farm animal sanctuaries so that the survivors of animal agriculture will always have somewhere to go and live out their lives without fear of exploitation and slaughter.

Below is the list of sanctuaries Anticarnist has donated to each year, THANKS TO YOU 💚

Please check out the links to see the incredibly important work these sanctuaries do: 

2023 - Coppershell Animal Rescue - £1400

2022 - Fluffy Butts Rescue - £1300

2021 - Microsanctuary Resource Center£1300

2020Pigs in The Wood - £1700

2019 - The Retreat Animal Rescue - £1800
 Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary - (Emergency fundraiser sale) £550

2018 - F.R.I.E.N.D Farm Animal Santuary - £1600

2017 - Hillside Animal Sanctuary - £1300

Covid-19 Lockdown Donation History 
During 2020 lockdown in the UK, Anticarnist donated a total of £1847 to the following rescues:

Big V Sanctuary - £150
Jacob's Ridge - £167
Iowa Farm Sanctuary - £178
Hillside Animal Sanctuary - £319
Footprints Animal Sanctuary - £120
Tower Hill Stables - £175
Fluffy Butts Rescue - £278
Cornflower Animal Haven - £234
Wild Touch Rescue - £226