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Fanmail Part 1: The Animal Holocaust & Making The Connection



An anonymous email sent to regarding the above image:

I know this a bit late but I want to let you know that this [tweet] was the one that made the click in my head. I’m glad I found this image because I’ve been vegan for three days now thanks to this and the countless other videos and resources I researched for 5 hours straight afterwards. I’ve always been curious about vegetarianism/veganism but it was mostly for health reasons. I always knew about factory farm horrors (not to the extent that I do now of course) but I couldn’t seem to relate it back to myself. Like many others, I just saw animals as objects to be used by and for humans. Boy, do I hate myself thinking about it now.

Yes, the image is extreme, but it really does help make the connection, and I honestly believe it’s an appropriate comparison. Comparing the torture back to humans made me put myself in the shoes of the animals. I don’t think I’ll ever look back now, and if I do, I have this image saved, and will be going back to it. Thank you for not being subtle. People need to know what they’ve been mindlessly supporting.


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