Seaworld: Now a ‘Prison & Correctional Facility’

Although no one has yet come forward to take credit for changing SeaWorld’s Wikipedia page on Facebook to a ‘Prison & Correctional Facility’, the new title has inspired a slew of 1-star reviews against the company and it’s orca shows.


The SeaWorld Wikipedia page itself has also been recently altered to reflect itself as an ‘animal detention facility’:


Ever since the release of the Dogwoof film ‘Blackfish’ detailing the life of Tilikum the orca and the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld, the theme park has experienced a tide of new protests against using marine animals for entertainment in spite of their incompatibility with captivity. A ‘Dogwoof’ email address has also been added to the SeaWorld Facebook page, perhaps as a nod as to where people can find more information surrounding SeaWorld’s practises other than their own website that desperately refutes all criticism.

Likes on the Blackfish Facebook page have already surpassed the official SeaWorld San Antonio page, and it appears to only be a matter of time before it overtakes the popularity of the SeaWorld San Diego page as well.


As The 1-star park Facebook reviews creep up to levels past their 5-star reviews and every SeaWorld tweet is shot down by the majority of people calling for an end to orca captivity, how much longer can SeaWorld remain on social media? Desperate attempts by ‘SeaWorld’s Truth Team’ only lead to Blackfish supporters sharing more links to more reliable scientific studies that contradict SeaWorld’s every statement.


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