So You Want To Be a Vegan Activist? Here’s How…

You’ve seen on YouTube of what animal go through in slaughterhouses. You’ve had a loved one die from heart disease and you’ve heard that animal agriculture is the leading cause of man made greenhouse gasses. You’re vegan because that’s the least you can do. But you want to do more to help. You want to know what’s the most you can do. Here are a few ideas for those that know that being vegan should be common decency, and that activism is what the world needs now.

Chalkivism/Vegan chalk Challenge

This method of activism can be done alone for singular, powerful messages or in large groups to cover a large area for a different kind of impact. All it takes is a piece of chalk and a day without rain. Passers-by in city centres or parks can then read “you can’t love animals and eat them too” and “male chicks are killed at one day old in the egg industry” to come to their own conclusions on whether they wish to continue supporting unnecessary slaughter.

Earthlings Experience

Earthlings is one of the very best documentaries for helping people see what animals go through in all the industries that exploit them. Equipped with laptops, tablets, signs and blank-faced masks this method of activism never fails to gain the attention of the public. Masked activists can also be complimented by those without masks to answer any questions curious on-lookers may have about the footage or the concept of veganism. Check out the official Facebook page for more information on how to organise your own.

Anonymous for The Voiceless

Very similar to the Earthlings Experience, Anonymous for The Voiceless uses more recent and local footage than Earthlings (which is mostly filmed in the US in 2005) and typically stand in a ‘Cube of Truth’ formation with screens and signs saying ‘truth’ on every side. The cube can also be complimented by activists willing to answer questions from the public and to hand out flyers with more information.

The Save Movement

With over 40+ groups set up within the past year in the UK alone, this is a rapidly growing method of activism. Those that attend await truck carrying every type of farmed animal outside slaughterhouses to comfort them in their last moments and obtain footage for social media. The Save Movement is effective in highlighting the fact that no matter whether an animal is raised in a factory or free range (or even in petting zoos), all meet the same fate of a slaughterhouse. Find your local group in this list, or by all means set up your own.

The Official Animal Rights March London

In October 2016 Surge hosted the first Official Animal Rights March where 2,500 vegans marched through London demanding an end to all animal oppression. People shouted in unison to beating drums and megaphones, holding signs and coming together to create a spectacle that no one could ignore. Surge now have announced the 2017 Official Animal Rights March will be on Saturday 2nd September. Join the Facebook event and mark it on your calendar!
And that’s not all. Here’s a list of further ideas on how you can help:

• Order or create vegan flyers and post them door to door or leave them in places people might find them. My favourite ones are from Viva!

• Buy or make your own vegan stickers and stick them far and wide. The Vegan Revolution and The Vegan Activist sell some good ones.

• Wear clothing with a vegan message. It was only a couple of years ago when it felt like hardly anyone knew what ‘vegan’ meant. Even t-shirts can help change this.

• Find local farmed animal sanctuaries and fundraise, donate and volunteer. 10% of all profits from Anticarnist go to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

• Start a vegan blog. Even Anticarnist began as a blog many years ago as a way to spread information. Share recipes and stories. Truth and information is the enemy of the industries that exploit animals.

• Make and share vegan food. Hand out cakes at work. Invite family and friends over for dinner. Show them that vegans don’t miss out on great meals. They could be surprised.

• Art is all about expression, so create artwork with a vegan message.

• Start a YouTube channel and post vegan-related videos.

• Post cute farmed animals pictures/GIFs/videos to Reddit. It’s actually really effective!


It’s also worth noting that standing in the street with a sign may not be the most effective tactic for many people but these suggestions can work well alongside studying hard, getting in to a well-paid profession in order to help fund the revolution through supporting the grassroots, investing in innovative vegan products and helping charities. Online activism also has the potential to reach millions of people, and the methods of activism detailed above can provide some great material alongside whatever long term goals you may have to help people, animals and the planet.

If you have any other idea more effective vegan activism, please get in contact and I’ll add them to the list.

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