These Little Piggies Didn’t Go To Market

You could be forgiven for wondering if there might be some kind of coordinated mass escape plan in the pig world this week as two very similar stories have made it into national news. Though judging by the style of vehicle some areas of the world use to transport their livestock, I wouldn’t be surprised if hogs make a break for it in this manner on a daily basis.

Our first story comes from the Guangxi region of China. One pig survived a 16ft jump to freedom after climbing over the back of her friends in order to make it out onto the busy road.

Rather incredibly, she immediately got onto her feet and escaped her fate of the slaughter house unscathed. Local police then chose to adopt the lucky pig, named her Babe and now apparently resides at the police station in a pen reserved for police dogs. “She deserves her chance of life and she has got it. She will never be eaten here,” a police spokesman said.

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