Supporting Animal Sanctuaries in Need


Covid-19 Lockdown Donation History 

Since the lockdown due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, open days and events have had to be cancelled which many sanctuaries and rescues rely on to fundraise.

This is why Anticarnist began donating 20% of the total revenue to a different charity each week, making the funds immediately available for the animals precisely when they need it most. 

During 2020 lockdown in the UK, Anticarnist donated a total of £1847 to the following rescues:

Big V Sanctuary - £150
Jacob's Ridge - £167
Iowa Farm Sanctuary - £178
Hillside Animal Sanctuary - £319
Footprints Animal Sanctuary - £120
Tower Hill Stables - £175
Fluffy Butts Rescue - £278
Cornflower Animal Haven - £234
Wild Touch Rescue - £226

Annual Donation History

Throughout the years Anticarnist has donated 10% of its profits to farm animal sanctuaries so that the survivors of animal agriculture will always have somewhere to go and live out their lives without fear of exploitation or slaughter.

Below is a list of amazing sanctuaries Anticarnist has donated to each year.  Please check out the links to see the incredible work they do:

August 2017 - Hillside Animal Sanctuary - £1300

August 2018 - F.R.I.E.N.D Farm Animal Santuary - £1611

July 2019 - (Emergency fundraiser sale of 55 mugs) Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary - £550

August 2019 - The Retreat Animal Rescue - £1800

Anticarnist is currently donating 10% to Pigs in The Woods and the total amount will be calculated Autumn 2020.