Quorn is going COMPLETELY vegan!

Back in October 2015, Quorn saw a gap in the market and released vegan version of their burgers and ‘pieces’. Following the success of these new products, and thanks to petition set up by Tracey Dixon calling for Quorn to remove the egg whites and milk from their ingredients, Quorn eventually responded with the following: With […]

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Hen Rescue

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip down to Watton, Norfolk with Paul (Hench Herbivore), Gemma (Finding Gemma), Penny (Founder of Norwich Vegans) and Vegan Revolution to collect twelve ex-commercial hens that were to be rescued by a volunteer from the non-profit organisation Fresh Start For Hens that same day. Commercially, all laying hens […]

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Out of Battery

Every so often I commission an artist to paint battery hens either during or after their time at the farm. The painting below was perfectly created by the ever-inspirational artist Ejay Basford and will be framed as a reminder as to where my own hens come from and, despite everything, how determined they are to really live. BATTERY […]

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