Top 5 Tips for New Vegans!

With over 100,000 people signing up to Veganuary and counting, veganism is set to start going mainstream in 2018. And with so many new and aspiring vegans out there, I thought I should offer up a few words of advice that helped me in the beginning. There’s also a chance to WIN a huge hamper […]

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Norwich-Themed Vegan Goodie Giveaway!

It’s no secret that Anticarnist hails from Norwich in England. And it wouldn’t be an outrageous thing to say that over the past couple of years that the city has had a vegan overhaul of sorts. With Norwich Vegans evolving from a group that meets once a month to chat and share snacks to an […]

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Massive Vegan Easter Giveaway!

Why celebrate the rising of Zombie Jesus by eating dead lambs and bovine lactations shaped into hollow, chocolate chicken periods? I propose a much better idea – inspired by Little V Big V‘s fantastic Mother’s Day giveaway last month, you have the chance to WIN this massive Vegan Easter Giveaway Bundle! Presented by rescued ex-battery hen ‘Hen Herbivore’ …as […]

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